Why You Need this Chakra Stone Bracelet in 2023

Why You Need this Chakra Stone Bracelet in 2023

You might have heard of the seven chakras, but you might not realize that there are 114 energy centers and 72,000 channels in your body. These channels ("nadis") facilitate the movement of prana, the life force that exists in all living things. One of the best ways to achieve chakra balance is through the use of gemstones' healing properties. By keeping this energetic system active, clean, and flowing, you will feel better, be more energetic, and be more balanced.

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How Healing Stones Work and What Their Importance Is

It is not necessary to follow Hindu or Buddhist traditions to use Chakra stones. Even if you do not feel spiritually connected, research shows that the power of the mind plays an important role in physical and emotional healing. Whether or not you have religious affiliations, Chakra stones can help you connect to your spiritual side. Crystals and stones have been used in spiritual practices for centuries. Chakra stones are part of both Hindu and Buddhist healing and meditation traditions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), stones are also used to harness the power of chi, or life energy. All you need to do to use chakra stones is to have a basic understanding of the seven Chakras and what each one does. The next thing you need to do is coordinate each Chakra's closest vibrating stone to help open and clear that particular Chakra.

Gemstones Will Improve Your Life

Known for their unique processes of formation and structure, as well as their ability to retain information, healing stones and crystals are highly effective in overcoming issues and achieving goals. By simply keeping crystals nearby, you are able to influence the energy flow in your home, which will affect all occupants, visitors, and possibly even your neighbors. Crystals work best when their energy is actively used, like when you wear them as jewelry.

As you focus on your intentions and apply the law of attraction to create the outcomes you desire, you will add all of that energy potential to the healing properties of crystals. Learning how to tap into the healing power of these precious allies will help you make much more progress in a shorter amount of time. The intent you have to use crystals will activate their energy to harmonize with yours. It makes sense to use crystals you have already used in the past.

How Many Crystals Should You Start With?

When choosing your first crystals, a good rule of thumb is to choose those that speak to you most. Don't go crystal-crazy and buy dozens of them all at once, even though it may seem tempting. Start with a maximum of seven crystals. You should have one of each color of the rainbow, so red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Activating all of your chakras isn't a must, but it will benefit you. Whenever you pick a stone, choose one that feels nurturing, gentle, and loving. You should begin with stones that help you develop your self-confidence, love yourself, bring balance into your life, and protect you from negativity. Stress-relieving crystals are also helpful.

Go with what feels right to you and to your energetic body at this point. It is your intuition that will guide you to the crystals that have the frequency that you need most, especially when you are just beginning to explore the power of crystals. The crystals may be protective crystals, crystals that promote positive vibrations, or crystals that protect you from unwanted energy.

Help Plant Trees And Save Animals

Wearing this bracelet, you help plant trees and animals. Forest energy runs through you. Those forests supply us with the oxygen we need to live. With every purchase, we plant a tree in a forest in need, furthermore, your contribution directly reverses habitat loss that threatens the existence of 35,000 species of animal.

TeamPlanting is proud to partner with leading reforestation projects, nonprofits, and companies that are environmentally conscious. Natural, recycled, and reclaimed materials are used in making our bracelets, which help preserve our precious planet's delicate ecosystems. By reforesting, we can help create a healthier climate, protect habitats, and make a positive impact on the environment. It's that simple!

Follow Your Gut Feeling

The use of gemstones has been around for millennia, and it continues to grow in popularity as people look for alternative methods to heal themselves naturally. You've learned about crystals, their properties, and how to choose the gemstone that's right for you. When choosing crystals, always follow your gut feeling and intuition. There are unique lessons you can learn from each to harmonize your energy and enhance your overall well-being.

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