Together, planting a forest

We are TeamPlanting

Reforestation and habitat restoration is our driving force.

Our upcoming goals:


Trees planted

1,088 tons

Carbon captured

Our Mission

Our Mission

Craft meaningful jewelry that ignites conversations and leaves a lasting impact. Our creations, meticulously fashioned from natural, recycled, and reclaimed materials, not only elevate aesthetics but also contribute to the preservation of our delicate ecosystems.

Through your purchase, you support reforestation projects, habitat restoration, and recovery of areas damaged by forest fires. Together, we can create a future where humans and the environment can thrive together.

Why trees?

By fostering diverse habitats, we contribute to the revival of numerous plant and animal species, creating a more balanced and resilient environment. Moreover, reforestation serves as a potent solution against global warming, actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Through these combined efforts, we contribute to a healthier climate and the preservation of vital ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable and flourishing future for our planet.

Why Crystals?

Stunning, vibrant, and filled with energy, crystals are vessels of wisdom shaped by millions of years of transformation. Upholding the belief in "Good Karma," every action at TeamPlanting is driven by the intention to spread positivity and make a tangible difference.

With our jewelry, we believe in maintaining the highest quality, while keeping the process sustainable, which makes its values even more empowering and brings good karma to the wearer.

In Partnership With

One Tree Planted Partnership

At TeamPlanting, we wholeheartedly embrace our responsibility to safeguard and nurture the environment. As part of our ongoing initiatives, we have introduced "One Tree Planted" to aid nationwide reforestation endeavors.

One Tree Planted is an addition to our current year's projects that will assist with reforestation efforts across the country.

Eden Projects Initiative

Exciting news at TeamPlanting! We've joined forces with Eden Projects, a globally recognized leader in reforestation and community empowerment. This strategic partnership reinforces our commitment to sustainability and positive change.
Now, with every TeamPlanting purchase, you directly contribute to Eden Projects' impactful tree-planting initiatives, fostering healthier ecosystems and supporting communities in need. Join us in planting the seeds of a greener future – where style meets sustainability and every purchase plants a promise.


Local Collaborations

Solving big problems needs local solutions, that's why we are proud of teaming up with local non-profit tree planting organizations.

By collaborating in a mutually beneficial manner, we reinforce our shared values that align seamlessly with the mission of these organizations. We eagerly anticipate working closely together, hand in hand, to cultivate a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Ready to explore partnership opportunities with us and make a lasting difference together?


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