Do good, and good will come to you

With our strong belief in Good Karma, everything we do is with the intention of spreading positivity and making a difference. 
Wear your jewelry as a symbol of your positivity.
Keep on living with intention and your aspirations will come true.

Drawstring bracelets

To make your drawstring bracelet bigger, pinch the two ends beads and pull your hands apart. To make it tighter, pinch the two loose cords and pull your hands apart. Resizing your bracelet is easily demonstrated in the video guide.

Wearing crystals is best when someone you trust and love puts them on. It is important to set the tone for how these stones will impact your life by doing so with positive intentions.


Magnetic braided bracelets

To open the magnet clasp of your bracelet, you have to pull it to the opposite directions.

Wrap bracelets

Start wrapping the bracelet around your wrist by crossing your thumb over your pinky. Wrap it around your wrist three to five times until it feels comfortable.Choose the length of your wrap by sliding the button through the knotted button holes on the opposite side. Adjusting your wrap is easily demonstrated in the video guide.

It is important to keep in mind that crystals are meant to serve as reminders of our faith and strength - they can aid you in maintaining focus, healing, and fulfillment.

Keep it pretty

Wearing your bracelets every day only enhances their natural look and feel, and well... gets you a lot of compliments ❤️
When you aren’t wearing your pieces, store them separately in your TeamPlanting pouches to avoid oxidation.

Keep your jewelry pretty by gently polishing them with a soft, dry cloth whenever they’re looking a little dull.

When it comes to natural stones, water is completely fine, but it can damage your metal pieces. So as a thumb rule and to enjoy your jewelry much longer, it is better to avoid contact with water, soaps, lotions and other liquids.

Cleanse your crystals

Healing gemstones are powerful and mesmerizing, but they need to be regularly cleansed and recharged. Since they absorb the energies around them, they can accumulate and weaken the natural essence of the crystal. 

Wearing it might reduce its marvelous rewards. Crystals always have a positive effect on the environment. Nevertheless, gemstones should be cleansed regularly to ensure that they remain beautiful and beneficial. Singing bowls, smudging, or even laying them on the ground and letting the light of the sun penetrate them are all ways you can accomplish that.

Chakra Mineral Intentions Box

When you first start working with crystals, it's difficult to know where to begin. It's easy and fun to explore a variety of crystal energies with the Chakra Mineral Intentions Box. Take time to learn the energies, meanings, and healing properties of the stones you pick up. This set contains crystals that are designed to help you in every aspect of your life. Numerous crystals can be used for wealth, love, relaxation, protection, cleansing, and health.

Use the crystals
Place each crystal on the appropriate part of the body. Lay with all 7 crystals on your body for 11 minutes as needed to feel the energy of pure balance. You can also carry these stones in your bra, pocket or purse.

Place your Clear Quartz crystal on your lower abdomen, about where the base of your spine is. Visualize your root chakra, your first chakra, being activated with the energy of a strong foundation.
Next, place your Red Jasper crystal over your 2nd sacral chakra (higher up on your abdomen). Feel your sacral chakra activate with the energy of creativity.
Now, place your Tiger's Eye over your 3rd chakra, which is your solar plexus, by putting your stone in the middle of your belly. 
The fourth location is Rose Quartz: place it over your heart chakra and feel the infusion of pure love energy.
Next comes your throat chakra: place our Green Aventurine in a comfortable position over the center of your throat and bolster your throat chakra’s energy of communication.
Your sixth chakra is your third eye: place your Lapis Lazuli crystal over the center of your forehead. Activate your third eye chakra’s energy of personal wisdom.
Last, place your Amethyst right above your head. This corresponds to your crown chakra and helps you connect to your higher power.

Using cluster crystals
If you put the Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst clusters in your home, you will feel their cleansing and soothing energy. When you sleep with these clusters in your room, you'll get a restful sleep and ditch anxious thoughts. By keeping them in your living room, you can find clarity, increased intuition and majestic harmony.

Using the 7 Chakra Pendulum
A pendulum locates any blocks in the chi (energy) of a person, which promotes spiritual and physical healing. We can use it to balance, heal, and clear our minds and bodies. Their ability to pick up subtle vibrations helps us find answers to certain questions. As they move, they follow the invisible energy around us.

The pendulum can be used to reveal imbalances and blocks in the chakras by holding it over them. It is best to begin with the crown chakra, which is located on top of the head.
Observe subtle vibrations near the crown chakra and wait for the pendulum to move automatically. As you move to the next six chakras, note the direction that the pendulum is swinging.

Wearing the Labradorite necklace
Labradorite helps an individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself. In the metaphysical world, labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors. This gemstone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world.


Combining and pairing

As much as it's easy to fall in love with crystals because of their beauty and properties, it's important to remember that more bracelets don't mean more benefits. Our hearts would love to wear a stack of beads every day to motivate, ground, inspire, positive, grateful, and all the good vibes we want forever. Here are 2 easy steps we like to stick to for our stacks:

1. Wear with intention

Intentions should be set on every crystal, not just bracelets. In order to get the most healing benefits from crystals, it is important to know what you really want or need, and these may change over time. It will not only help you access its energy, but it will also serve as a physical reminder to assist you in manifesting your goals. The purpose of setting intentions when stacking is to avoid canceling out other bracelets. Labradorite, for example, is a stone that raises consciousness, so pairing it with a grounding gem would generally be useless. It can still be paired with earthier grounding stones worn for comfort and stability if your intent is to enhance creativity.

2. Feel what is right for you!

As simple as this sounds, it's important to get to know your stones and pay attention to how the energy of each gem affects you once you begin stacking. Feeling sluggish, sleep deprived, irritable, or unbalanced, or not feeling any better, is a pretty good indication that something isn't right. You should take one out and see how it feels.

No crystal is the same for everyone. There is beauty in all of us, as is the relationship each individual has with a particular gem. The right stack for you is so personal, that finding the right balance is up to you, mixing and matching, until it feels right. Wishing you beautiful harmony.

Crystal properties

Stunning, vibrant, and filled with energy, crystals are a world unto themselves. Natural stones are a rare and valuable resource found in the soil. People often buy gemstone jewelry to adorn themselves simply because of the stone's innate beauty. However, others value gemstones for the many benefits they are considered to provide for them.



Harmony & Prosperity

Shop Agate


Relaxation & Confidence

Shop Amethyst


Wisdom & Manifesting

Shop Apatite
Pink Imperial Jasper

Pink Imperial Jasper

Happiness & Vitality

Shop Pink Imperial Jasper
Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper

Creativity & Health

Shop Polychrome Jasper
Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Balance & Luck

Shop Tiger's Eye


Balance & Nurturing

Shop Turquoise
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Prosperity & Concentration

Shop Clear Quartz


Abundance & Anti Anxiety

Shop Malachite


Happiness & Manifestation

Shop Citrine
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom & Protection

Shop Lapis Lazuli


Strength & Protection

Shop Lava
Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper

Love & Peace

Shop Rainforest Jasper


Grounding & Wisdom

Shop Hematite


Harmony & Wellbeing

Shop Howlite


Calmness & Strength

Shop Amazonite


Grounding & Wealth

Shop Obsidian
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Love & Luck

Shop Rose Quartz
Featured Customer Questions

- How do I adjust / loose / resize my drawstring bracelet?
To make your drawstring bracelet bigger, pinch the two end beads and pull your hands apart. To make it tighter, pinch the two loose cords and pull your hands apart.

- How do you wear wrap bracelets?
Start wrapping the bracelet around your wrist by crossing your thumb over your pinky. Wrap it around your wrist three to five times until it feels comfortable. Choose the length of your wrap by sliding the button through the knotted button holes on the opposite side.

- How do I wear my Red String bracelet?
Answer: You can wear it on your wrist by inserting the string's end onto the other knotted string end. The Lucky Red Strings are meant to be worn on your left wrist until they wear out and fall away. When they do, it is said that they have deflected all the negativity cast upon you.