Boost inner balance and uplifting energies while making environmental impact

Rodger Hasket - July, 2024

84% of Americans suffer from daily fatigue and low energy, while many are stressed or anxious. An unusual trend has recently captured the attention of individuals seeking energies uplifting and a boost of health.

The recent trend involves a mesmerizing accessory known as the Shielding Tranquility Chakra Healing Bracelet. It features natural Jasper gemstones and an attractive turtle charm, and is offered by the environmental company TeamPlanting.

Hugh F, 64, was frustrated as his chronic fatigue affected every aspect of his life: "From the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I collapse into bed at night, exhaustion and tension seem constant, casting a dark shadow over my days. The simplest tasks become arduous. I didn't think I should do anything about it. It's normal, everyone complains they're tired, you know?"

The Shielding Tranquility Chakra Bracelet is more than just a fashionable accessory. It combines the ancient wisdom of chakra healing stones with the enduring symbolism of the sea turtle. Adorned with natural gemstones aligned to the body's energy centers, this bracelet is meticulously designed to bring serenity and balance to its wearers.

How chakra bracelets work

"My sister got me this Jasper Gemstone Bracelet as a gift. It's beautiful and has a great cause behind it, so I said why not? From the moment I put it on, I felt a subtle shift in my energy. It was as if the stones embedded in the bracelet emit soothing energy, dissolving the tension that had become my constant companion."

Chakra bracelets are one of the tools commonly used in energy healing practices. They are believed to carry the energetic properties of the gemstones or crystals they contain, helping to restore balance and vitality to the corresponding chakras. While the effectiveness of these practices is subjective and varies from person to person, they have gained popularity among individuals seeking alternative approaches to well-being and personal growth.

Get well-being while making an Environmental Impact

Beyond its transformative properties, the Shielding Tranquility Bracelet carries an important environmental project behind it. TeamPlanting, the company behind it, is committed to reforestation, habitat restoration, and recovery of forest fire-damaged areas. For every purchase of the bracelet, TeamPlanting plants a tree, contributing to the restoration of our precious ecosystems and creating a greener, healthier planet for future generations.

By embracing the Shielding Tranquility Chakra Healing Bracelet, wearers not only enhance their personal well-being but also become active participants in environmental conservation. Each bracelet sold represents a powerful act of solidarity with nature, reinforcing the vital connection between inner peace and ecological harmony.
The saying they use on their website sums it up nicely: "Do good and good will come to you".

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Update Wednesday, July 20, 2024 - Ever since TeamPlanting's Shielding Tranquility bracelet was featured online, a huge amount of attention has been generated. The company is maximizing their reforesation efforts by offering a one-time 45% discount. Don’t miss out.

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